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My Reel

Some videos of my work

KEYS, a film by Aislinn Dunster.

The Bench Call, by Brooke & Jeremy.

THE CLEANING LADY, by Brooke & Jeremy.

Same old song, a film by Björn Holmer.

She Wants (Official Music Video)

Comerica Bank Ad

GrowNYC Presents: New York City Metal Recycling Made Simple from GrowNYC

AAO TV Spot from Athorn Clark on Vimeo.

Byte Me Official Trailer (I am featured at 1:21).

A mini Byte

JEREMY RAFAL MANHATTAN MONOLOGUE SLAMMING. I did not win, but I did get second place at this event.

Atlantic and Pacific Trailer.

Music sample from The House of Bernarda Alba. In this production of Lorca’s masterpiece The House of Bernarda Alba, I played the part of La Poncia, and also composed original music for the play. Check out the production stills, as well as a sample of the music that I composed.

Naturally Delicious Improv Group

Just for fun

In addition to acting and music, I am also a competitive jump roper. Here’s a video of me jumping double-unders (two rope revolutions in one jump), doing it for over 4-minutes straight with no mistakes.